30DOH: Day 28-29 – Insurance Records

September 28, 2011

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Welcome to Day 12 of 30 Days to an Organized Home, our 30-day journey to sanity and cleanliness. :)

On Day 27 we put our disaster preparedness kit together. I didn’t call it that, of course! Instead, I told my little one that it was our “snowed-in kit.” I said, “You know how sometimes we get a lot of snow and the power goes out in the winter? This is in case they can’t get the power back on right away.” She understood that, and my bit of a roundabout answer kept the word “disaster” out of the discussion!

Today and tomorrow, we’re preparing some more. And we get to take pictures, too! Wahoo!

Your Task: Insurance Binder

Follow the instructions on pages 31-32 of your book and take photos of your valuables in case you ever need them for insurance purposes (heaven forbid!). You can also do this by videotaping your home and valuables, and storing a hard copy of the video on a DVD, CD, or USB drive in your home safe. You may want to store the photos and/or video online, too, in case your computer is destroyed or your safe is inaccessible. Be prepared, and all that!

Just one day left… does your home look any different than it did 29 days ago?

P.S. Check out AboutOne if you haven’t yet — it’s an easy way to store your data online! Free trial, too.

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  • Sherrie Breese

    What’s the best change that happened in your domicile? My favorite solution of the month was the cushy ottoman we bought that has a top that flips over for serving and has enough space in the bottom to house all the spa and health items I use when watching TV. A close second is the way that the food items in the pantry are now in categories with items for lunches and for snacks sharing the eye-level shelf.

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