30DOH: Day 22 – Kids’ Rooms

September 22, 2011

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Welcome to Day 22 of 30 Days to an Organized Home, our 30-day journey to sanity and cleanliness. :)

On Day 21 we got our precious items together and stored them safely. That should give you some psychic relief! I feel better just knowing everything is in one spot, just where I can grab it if I need to.

I feel that today will be another purging day… Get your sorting bags ready!

Your Task: The Kids’ Rooms

I’m glad that the kids are in school today so I can do a pass through their rooms without interference. Then I’ll have them chime in when they get home. The piles in the garage are growing! Let me know how it’s going by leaving a comment after you’re done.

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  • Sherrie Breese

    Still with you on this project. Leaving today for a weekend crop. Will be back on Monday with renewed commitment to finish strong.

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