Fun First Day of School Ideas

August 25, 2011

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You may have already started back, but our first day of school is next week (for two kids) and the week after for the last. That’s why I, in typical leave-it-to-the-last-minute fashion, am just now brainstorming ideas for the first day of school to put a little bit of fun into it!

Here’s my roundup of fun first day of school rituals (that take 30 minutes or less):

1. Have a muffin morning. I admit it, we don’t always have breakfast together as a family. Usually, my husband takes off with Ben (my oldest) and they eat… Who knows what? Meanwhile, the girls and I scramble around as we shout from room to room about shoes, hair accessories, and tooth-brushing.

This year, I’m going to prepare a batch of muffins the night before and we’re going to take five minutes to gather around the kitchen counter (I have no illusions about us all sitting down together, a la Cleaver family). We’ll scarf a few homemade muffins and then head off in our various directions. (I’m going to try this pumpkin wheat honey muffin recipe, but I’ll have some plain corn muffins on-hand as well for the picky types. Apple muffins might be cute, too, to go in with the fall/school theme.)

2. Craft cute lunchbox notes. I won’t go into this idea too much because I have a complete tutorial on using your photo index prints for a cute craft over at Head over there to see it in step-by-step glory. (And yes, I am going to make one for my son, even though A. he’s 13; B. he has no lunch as his lunch is included, and C. he will be embarrassed. That is what moms are for!)

3. Take pictures. I’m a scrapbooker! I write a scrapbooking blog! Of course I’m taking photos on the first day of school. Duh. I’ve seen some unique ideas, like handing them a cut-out of a large number that represents their grade, or getting a shot of their new shoes, or taking one from behind as they walk down the sidewalk. We just might be doing all of the above. :)

4. Create a school supplies gift pack. In Germany, students get these cute treat bags that look like giant cones for their first day of school. I would like to translate that for my kids and include some emergency lunch money, a few fresh pencils, a crazy eraser, and some other cute office supplies, like a tiny notebook.

5. Make time to walk. I can be lazy and reach for the car keys when it gets cold and rainy, but this year there’s no excuse for NOT walking my first-grader. This back-to-school ritual can be so fun as we greet old friends and see everyone’s new school clothes. It gives me a thrill, too, as the first day of school air is always full of energy and anticipation!

Now that shouldn’t be too hard, eh?

P.S. Got some fast back-to-school rituals or activities? Share!

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  • Sue

    Lots of fun ideas for others to use. I used to take the photo every year on the front porch of our home. The older kids always knew it was coming and they wanted it over with before any of their friends on the school bus saw them so we often went out before breakfast to take it. I also tried to pack lunches the night before so it was one less hassle in the morning. They would just grab a bag and go. And yes, there was often a note or treat in there just from Mom!

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