ToDoodlist Review: My Thoughts on Nick Cernis’s Novel Approach to List-Keeping

December 20, 2010

in 30-Minute Organizer

Nick Cernis came out with a funny and fun approach to managing your projects and your to-do lists. It’s called “ToDoodlist,” and it’s available as an ebook (download). I bought the book some time ago, and JUST got around to reading it. (Does that say something about *my* to-do list??).

Here’s a short video with an overview of the book and my thoughts on Nick Cernis’s process:

P.S. The best book on time management and productivity I’ve read lately is Stever Robbins’ “Get-It-Done Guy’s 9 Steps to Work Less and Do More (Quick & Dirty Tips).” If you want guidance on setting overall life priorities, he’s your man.

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  • KatieK.

    Great post: saves me time to listen to your reviews and capsules of main bullet points. Helps me to decide whether further finding out is warranted. In this case, todoodlist is a concept that sounds like I would pick up on some tips from. I organize my to-do’s by area: My Mom, Homeschooling, My Business, Household, etc. I can’t organize by day – tasks assigned by a day. I am trying to work at doing more quickly – if I can get it done in less than 2-3 mnutes, don’t write it down on list, just go do it. I don’t mean I am trying to work faster :) Just getting to the to-do’s faster! Old fashion paper/pen works best. No batteries No charging No software to update or learn. My only dilemma is picking a format for my list. Thanks for the ideas.

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