30-Minute Summer Planning

June 8, 2010

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Over at Multitasking Moms we’ve been chatting about summer plans. I have one kid out this week, one out next, and one out at the end of the month. Nothing like cascading dates to get the summer ball rolling. I’m a little behind the curve on planning the summer, but I’m bound and determined to get a handle on things before next week! Really! ;)

One thing I’ve been working on is my Summer Routine. This is a loose plan based on the “Steady Routine” suggested in the book Steady Days: A Journey Toward Intentional, Professional Motherhood by Jamie C. Martin. Jamie suggests creating a blueprint for your day and your children’s day. “I wanted a framework that would eliminate the multitude of little decisions I need to make every day,” she writes. She provides guidelines for creating your own Steady Routine, including breaking it into phases (which I love!). I am going to break this into three stages over the next week or so.

The phases are:

1. Make one small change to help your days flow more smoothly.

2. Add a new routine — “a few steps to bring order to the most challenging time of your day.”

3. Create a full day’s plan.

The book provides a ton more suggestions and tips, including ideas for different “sections” of your day. And Jamie provides a draft worksheet for your own routine on her blog, Steady Mom. (Click on “Downloads” in the left-hand margin).

So, to break this down for me, I’m going to start by downloading the forms, sketching out a “typical” summer day, and then looking at the summer as a whole. Then, as I suggest in my post on summer planning, I’m going to fill in the items I know we’ve already got scheduled, and then add in the items my family wants to accomplish — both fun and “chore” type activities. That should take us well into the summer! Later this week I’ll share what’s on our “must do” list for this summer.

Want more tips for a sane summer? Then listen in as I chat with professional organizer Aby Garvey. We spoke last week about how to keep the summer schedule under control, what you need to do to stay on top of the camp/sports/park/pool gear, and more. You can hear the replay of the call on Monday, June 21 at 9 PM Eastern. Click here to register (it’s free!): Smart Summer Strategies for Busy Families

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