It’s supposed to be spring, but the weather isn’t cooperating here in New England. We recently had what the experts call a “500-Year Rain,” but the funny thing is that the next week we had the same amount of rain. Does that mean it was a 1000-Year Rain? Not sure. But I’m tired of the rain and I’m trying not to feel bitter that the rest of the country seems to be in full-blown spring.

Rain, rain, go away!

Here are some tips I came up with to fight the blues:

1. Bake something. Notice I said “bake something,” not “EAT something.” I like to make a batch of cookies, a funky cake, or a special something — and deliver most of it to the neighbors. Not only does it make me a fan in the neighborhood, I’ll get the good-house smell without all the calories.

2. Plan summer. The sun WILL come out, and what am I going to do when it does get hot? I start working on the kids’ summer schedule and vacation plans. Other thoughts: Plan your garden, your Memorial Day barbecue, your summer vacation, or a Fourth of July beach trip. Focusing on the future will keep your spirits up.

3. Start a new project. I knit a sweater or hat, work on a scrapbook, or start arranging my bookshelves. Keeping busy makes the time go faster, and I get the added boost of getting something accomplished!

4. Get outside. Even in lousy weather, it’s important to get the fresh air (and your circulation!) flowing. I ordered this fancy pair of wellies –Hunter Original Tall Welly Boot – so I have no excuse NOT to go for a splash-about (my five-year-old makes sure I walk her to school every day, rain or shine!).

5. See friends. One of the first things I give up when I’m feeling a little blue is my social connections. I make sure to connect with people online, but preferably in person, when I’m feeling down. Lunch at the mall or a trip to a bookstore with a friend makes me happy!

What are your blues-fighting tips? Does the weather affect you?

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  • Lisa

    Thank you for these tips. Our weather out west has not been nearly as drastic, but still lots of cloudy days. I am going to try the getting out and reconnecting idea.

  • Margy Eastman

    Would you believe we’re having BEAUTIFUL weather! I have lots of winter to cope with, though. Getting outside helps – even if it’s cold. I find making plans is really therapeutic, too. Just committing to do something fun and getting it on the calendar makes me feel better!

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